Makers in Proctor at Compass Rose

If you're in or near Tacoma tomorrow (Saturday, Nov 15th),  please come by the Makers in Proctor event at Compass Rose, in the Proctor District.  I'm proud to be one of the local makers participating in the show this year.

The show runs from 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM, and the shop is located at 3815 N 26th Street.

Besides the local artists featured, you'll find so many lovely things at the store. It's my favorite gift shop in town, and if I'm ever in need of a present or card, I always stop there first.

I've got lots more in the works, but here are a few new holiday things I'll be bringing tomorrow.





For more more information, please visit the Facebook event page.  And if you think you might join us, please RSVP!

I hope to see you all there!


Christmas is Coming!

Yes! It is!!  And this year, for the very first time ever, I might actually be ahead of the game.  I've been getting glittery in the studio and working on prototypes for this holiday season.

I've been making a few favorites too, like the Deer Holiday Badges, which flew off the shelves at last year's sales.



I'll be sharing lots more as ideas develop, so do stayed tuned!


Second Printing!

This Spring, my paper flowers book/kit went into its second printing, and it hit the shelves with a fresh new design.  I'm so pleased with this new edition - it's cuter than the first!

 The instructions and information inside the book are the same, as are most of the components of the kit.  The paper is a little different than what was included in the original packaging, so I thought I would make a few flowers from the new kit and share them with you.

I love the new paper colors they selected -- they're fresh and vibrant.  Though different from traditional crepe paper,  this textured paper is sturdy and the blooms hold their shape well.

You can purchase a copy through your favorite indy book store.  It's also available at Barnes and Noble and through Amazon.   If you're in Tacoma, you can find it at Compass Rose or at King's Books! 






I hope you'll pick up a kit and give this craft a try.  Once you've made a few blooms from the book, I encourage you to pick up some other types of paper, and do a little experimenting.  When you vary the paper, you vary the results.


Crafting for the Kitties

Every year I have a fundraiser for the shelter that we foster kittens for, the Humane Society for Tacoma and Pierce County.  The event runs one month on the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee blog, and thanks to the incredibly supportive community that follows the IBKC, we raise a ton of money.  Last year's total was over $117,000!

Each fundraiser, I craft a little telethon set, and I place our foster kittens on this set and photograph them "answering" the phones.   I use the photos to help solicit donations.

I dwell in two worlds, cats and crafts, and this set is where these worlds merge.

Please allow me to give you a tour of this year's design!  It's the sparkliest one yet!


The walls were covered with a groovy, marbled cotton paper. On the walls hang portraits of IBKC alumni framed in gold.

The tufted, kitten-sized couch was constructed with styrofoam and fleece.   To the create the side tables, I covered metal containers in cotton paper and fleece.


The stage curtain is polkadot tulle over a screen-printed cotton paper. The blue "shag" carpet is a scrap of fun fur.


A paper maiche "IBKC" was glittered and attached to the left wall.


The desk has a scalloped, glittery top and is covered with a scrap of my favorite paper ever - Hambly Screenprints "Grandma's Wallpaper".

The stage has a coordinating scalloped border.

On the desk, tiny phones and a typewriter.  At the desk, Delphine and Evie Kibblesmith, two of our current foster kittens.


Tiny, plastic glittered cats roam the set.   Delphine rests on the couch.


All the cats in the house take a shift on the phones.  Here's our permanent resident, Wylla Stout, taking her turn.


If you would like to learn more about our fundraiser and our cause, please visit HERE. And if you're feeling generous, and would like to help the homeless cats and kittens of Tacoma, Washinton, please make a donation while you're there!

PS A big thanks to find folks at Beacon Adhesives for sending me nice a selection of glues to help construct this set!  


Blooms, Blues.

A tiny nosegay crafted from vintage crepe paper.

DSC_0114 2






Precious Paper

About ten years ago, I stumbled across the motherlode of vintage crepe paper at a junk sale in Tacoma. It was a huge box filled with smaller boxes of assorted colors, patterns, and textures of crepe, and each box contained at least a dozen packs. I did a quick inventory once, and I think there were nearly two hundred folds. Even though I have this huge stash of crepe paper, it's so precious to me, which makes it difficult to use. I know there's more out there in the world, but it's getting more scarce (and more expensive) by the day.   I'm guessing any of you crafters out there using vintage materials have a hard time letting go too. Once it's gone it's gone.

 But yesterday,  I was brave enough to crack into the stash, and make a bouquet.

 I love working with vintage crepe, it has such a lovely quality. It's the perfect weight and easy to manipulate. It holds its shape so well when formed into a flower. Even though the paper is decades old, it feel so much stronger that what's manufactured today. You would think it would become more brittle in time, but that hasn't been the case.

The packs have been tucked away in their boxes and away from the sunlight,  but the colors have faded, or darkened in some cases. The tones they've become are incredible and subtle, and unlike any shade you can by today.

I'm going to continue to use the paper, but in moderation, of course, and only for very special projects.  I need to pace myself so it lasts my lifetime.










For Bird Lovers and Love Birds


Please come on by King's Books this Saturday and Sunday for the Tacoma is for Lovers Artist Craft Sale! It will be packed full of some of everyone's favorite makers form the South Sound.  There are different artist participating on Saturday and Sunday - I will be there both days.

I've got lots of new goods in the works for the show, most keeping with the Valentine's Day theme, including these little Love Birds.     







Here are the show details:
Tacoma is for Lovers Artist Craft Fair 
Feb 8th and 9th   11:00 AM to 4:00 PM
King's Books
218 St. Helens
Tacoma, WA

Please come by if you can and support your local makers!


Christmas Magic

For the third year, I had the extreme pleasure of creating florals and other decor for my favorite client's company Christmas party.

The event is held each year in the Presidential Suite of the Seattle Westin Hotel.  It's a gorgeous room with an incredible view of downtown Seattle. From the suite you can see the Macy's star and all the twinkling lights of Seattle's shopping core, the neon sign of the Pike Place Market, the waterfront, the ferris wheel, the Monorail, and even the Space Needle!  It's truly a spectacular sight.

The suite decor is lovely and modern with earth tones and metallic accents, which made the perfect backdrop for a natural and sparkly holiday display.

Normally the guests are all seated at one large table, but this year the guest list expanded so we needed  to split the party and set two tables.

For the larger square table, we used the houses I created for last year's party in the tablescape,  but the look was very different.  Last year we mixed whites with the gold and silver houses and the look was uniform and crisp.  This year, moss, critters, bare trees and earthier elements were added, and the scene felt more woodsy and rural.


Lime green Lemon Cypress trees were potted in birch and ceramic containers and placed around the table.  The bright green made the golden rooftops glow.


Small, dense floral arrangements of spray roses, lisianthus, scabiosa pods, ranunculus, and moss green dianthus were placed between the trees and houses.


Critters hid in the scene.


Strips of sheet moss softened the tabletop.  Faux votives were tucked inside the houses and gave them a warm glow.


Frosty trees completed the landscape, and snow dusted the whole scene.


The linens were a shimmery, pleated, chocolate brown.  The place cards were cut from birch paper.


There were many details for the guests to discover.


For the second table, the scene was wintery and woodsy.  


In the center, stood a tall acrylic tree dripping with mercury and clear glass icicles. Birds rested on the branch tips.


Lemon Cyprus trees and many layers of flowers, moss, and birch surrounded the glistening tree.


Critters climbed in the mossy scene and hid in every nook.



Faux votives were tucked in to add some light and warmth to the scene.  




The animals had gift exchanges inside their birch dens.


Nearly every inch of the table was filled, and there was barely enough room for the place settings!


The Westin provided the decorated trees - we had four in the room.


The surface of every side table, coffee table, and credenza had displays of trees, deer, birds, pine cones, and candles.  My client has a huge collection of holiday pieces, and we used them to create these vignettes.


There were plenty of flower arrangements placed about the suite.


And lots of poinsettias, too.




With the view and lights of the city, the beautiful design of the room,  the candles, and all the decor we brought in - the room was alive and filled with holiday magic.


I left just as the guests were arriving.  Their faces lit up as they entered the room.  Some went straight to the windows to look at the vast view, some went straight to the dinner tables to take in the detailed scenes.   It was sweet to watch them soak it all in.

It took a lot of folks to put this all together - it all started with my client and  her desire to create a magical evening for the guests. The outstanding and attentive staff at the Westin did so much to facilitate her dream.   We all worked hard, and in the end, I think we created something memorable.

It was a thrill to see it all come together, and I feel lucky having the opportunity to be a part of it all.

If you would care to see more photos of the event, you can visit the Flickr set by clicking HERE.