What a Wonderful Night!


 Oh, gosh. What a night. I was a little nervous that the rain might discourage folks from coming out for the opening, but thankfully it didn't. So many friends were there -- many I hadn't seen in years. I met lots of new folks, too.

The shop buzzed all evening and many who stopped by left with a bouquet in hand.

And not only did we sell an awful lot of flowers, it seems that many new opportunities will stem from this event. I'll tell you all about that as things unfurl!

As fun as it all was preparing for this event, I'm ready to give my hands and fingers a break -- it's been a hard month of making! In that time I crafted over 300 blooms, hand cut over 5000 petals and leaves,  used over a half-mile of floral tape and so many rolls and folds of crepe paper.

I did a lot of experimenting during this stretch, too, and came up with some new flowers and techniques. I tried making jumbo blooms for the first time and I'm looking forward to exploring more with that in the future.

Thank you to all who came out and supported me and contributed to a wonderful event.  Thank you to Christopher who helped with the installation! I appreciate your great eye and ladder-climbing skills!  And most of all, thank you to Nisha and Amir for hosting the event and giving me this wonderful opportunity to showcase my work in your beautiful store.  It was such an extreme pleasure and an honor, too.

I took hundreds of photos of the installation and here are a few of my favorites. If you would like to see more, please visit THIS album on Flickr.























April Showers Bring Paper Flowers


About a month ago I met up with Nisha, one of my dear friends from my fresh flower days, to talk about having a paper flower show in her lovely garden-inspired boutique, NICHEoutside.

She participates in the 2nd Thursday Capitol Hill Art Walk and each month invites a different artist to show their work in her space.   

I left our meeting feeling so inspired and excited but also a little intimidated by the task of creating enough new work to fill a whole shop in barely a month's time.  

I dashed home, dove in, made a list of all the things I wanted to make, made a few sketches, did a quick survey of the supplies I had on hand, and then ordered many rolls and folds of crepe paper from my favorite suppliers.  Everyone shipped quick, and soon I had all of the materials gathered for the show. 

I have a nice room designated for making things and started this paper flower project there, but soon  I outgrew the room and moved everything onto my giant dining room table. I've been sitting there ever since, crafting every minute I can spare.  On one end of the table, my completed work has been accumulating.  On the other end, you'll find me, scissors, scraps, and a coffee cup. 

 I've done a lot of experimenting during this time and have tried some new paper-dying techniques and varieties of flowers. I've found some fun new colors to work with, I've tapped into my precious stash of vintage crepe paper.  I've made hundreds of blooms --  and they'll soon fill vessels and hang in the airspace of NICHEoutside. The shop will be lush and full!  

I'm excited to share all of this at NICHEoutside this week and grateful for this opportunity to collaborate with Nisha!

So, if you're in the Seattle area, please stop by

Here are the details:

1424 11th Ave 
Capitol Hill
Seattle, Washington

Thursday, May 11th 5 - 8 PM

It's part of the Capitol Hill Art Walk, so make an evening of it, and please visit some of the amazing art on display all over the Hill.

Here's a glimpse at some of the things I've been making for the show!










If you're not available to come by Thursday for the big event, the display will remain up through the weekend, so stop please stop by during NICHEoutside business hours on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday to view it.

To learn more, please visit the NICHEoutside's event page on Facebook. And if you're planning on stopping by, please RSVP if you can!

I hope to see you there!


Artist Craft Sale THIS Weekend!


I'm not signed up to participate in too many craft sales this season -- just my favorite one!  And the BEST one!

Please come on by the Tacoma is For Lovers artist craft sale at King's Books on November 19th and 20th and check out many awesome makers from around the Sound. It's a great chance to see what all of the creative folks are doing around here and do a little holiday shopping, too.

I'll be there with lots of new things like these fun little kitten ornaments.




For full details, visit the TIFL Facebook page.
To see a complete list of vendors click HERE for Saturday and HERE for Sunday.

If you want to see more of what I'm making, please follow my Instagram feed. I'll be posting lots of updates there.

Hope to see you there!

Tacoma is for Lovers Artist Craft Sale
218 Saint Helens Ave
Tacoma, WA

Saturday, Nov 19th 11-4
Sunday, Nov 20th 11 - 4


Merry and Bright!


This is my fourth year creating florals and d├ęcor for this wonderful holiday party which is held in the Presidential Suite at the downtown Seattle Westin hotel. The suite is on the 47th floor, and the view it offers is expansive and amazing. From here you can see the neon sign of the Pike Place Market, the ferris wheel, the Sound, the Macy's star and all of the twinkling lights of the shopping core. The view from the bedroom includes the Space Needle.

It's a company Christmas party, the guest list is always less than 20, so it's it intimate affair.

Though some of the elements we use are the same each year, we're always editing and expanding and trying hard to create an experience that's a little different each time for the guests. It seems the level of detail increases, as does the amount of stuff, too. It just keeps getting more and more elaborate and festive!

My client has a wonderful collection of holiday decor pieces, candles, containers, and glittery things. I pull from this collection, shop for a few new elements to add, create many handmade pieces, and, of course, arrange lots of fresh flowers for this party.  It takes weeks to prepare for it, but the set up happens in just one day, and it's a mad scramble to get everything done before the guests arrive.

The table "centerpieces" are built first so the hotel staff can get the tables set, then I move on to create all the vignettes and place flowers around the room.

One of the tables is a woodland theme. In the center of the display is a icy acrylic tree, and the rest of the scene is built around that. There are many layers of bottle brush trees, live cypress trees, LED trees, logs, birch tubes, bark-covered containers,  pots of live moss, and small, dense flower arrangements. Tucked into all of this you'll find little woodland creatures. Some of these critters are interacting with others and exchanging gifts by their own tiny, lit christmas trees and other's are hiding in their dens. It's always my goal to create a view that delights from every seat at the table.












The second table is a glittery holiday town. I decorated the little houses a few years back, and we've been incorporating them into a table display ever since. The layout changes and the other elements do too. and I try to make it a different town each year. Like the woodland table, it's very detailed. There are icy trees, bottle brush trees, lots of live potted trees and moss, many flowers with glittered pinecones and Christmas balls tucked into the arrangements, mercury glass, lots of candles, tiny presents waiting on porches and wreaths on doors,  and lots of little paper critters living in this town. The houses have faux votive candles inside, so they have a nice warm glow.








I absolutely loved our linen selections this year from Choice Linens. We used a rich and luxurious blue velvet which looked incredible in the room and under our tablescapes. We rented their gold-rimmed chargers and some very lovely gold striped napkins. We also brought in gold flatware from another local rental company, which added a lot to the place setting. We found new chairs to rent too, which were perfect in the room.


Instead of a place card, I made a personalized ornament for each guest.  It served as a practical thing, but it was also a gift for each guest, and a memento of this lovely event.


Also for the guests, their own little copy of the Christmas Story.


Every surface of the room is adorned with flowers, sparkly deer and trees, topiaries, and candles. Each vignette is full, and like the tablescapes, there are details to discover within. The flower arrangements are all lush and full, and there are poinsettias scattered all offer the room.














Once everything is in place and any messes we made disappear, we light the candles, switch on the LED trees and votives, and it all comes to life.

The sun was setting as we were finishing up this year, which created a pretty spectacular view for us, and a very nice endnote for this chaotic day.

During the party set up, we always get lots of visits from hotel staff. This event has developed a reputation, and so many like to come visit the suite and soak up the holiday spirit. It really is pretty wonderful seeing the joy on everyone's faces as they explore the room.  "THIS is Christmas", they often exclaim.

I've done events in  many venues over the years, and I have to stay the staff at the Westin is as good as it gets. They're all such kind and accommodating people  who take such good care of their guests, and also folks like me, who are just there working.

This party is a lot of hard work, but every step of the way it's enjoyable. In the event world, it's so rare to have the creative freedom that I do with this event, and I'm so grateful my client has the trust in me to allow me to really run with it.  It's so creatively fulfilling, and I appreciate the opportunity so very much.  I feel lucky having someone so wonderful to work with and I'm proud of the what we create together.

As we breakdown the event the following day, we always talk about how we can "up" our game next time. My head is already spinning with ideas, and I'm looking forward to next year's party!

I've posted a lot of photos here in this post, but if you would like to see more, you can visit this album on Flickr. Thanks!