window trim
I made the scalloped "valance" using flocked paper from The Paper Zone. The chenille dot trim on top was a find from a trip to Spain, many years ago. The lanterns are made from vintage wallpaper and scrapbooking papers.

the door, after
I used the same flocked paper to trim the front door. I cut the paper to size, then cut a small circle where the peep hole is. I glued a small crocheted circle around the hole, to finish it off.
fancy peep hole


Paper Fancies Under Glass

paper fancies under glass
I've been working on a series of more sculptural, not wearable paper fancies.


How To Gift Wrap a Tree

craig's birthday boxcraig's birthday box
Craig celebrated his birthday this weekend. This year, I decided to give him a tree. I wanted him to pick it out, so I made a tiny gift certificate and incorporated it into a collage encased in a box.