Keeping it Tidy

Because of the DIYs I write, I'm always experimenting with new tools and mediums.  My collection of craft supplies has grown fast.

Once I started working for Fiskars, it quickly spiraled into an out-of-control state.  I had piles of supplies and boxes of tools everywhere, and it reached a point where it was nearly impossible to find anything.  I had to figure out a way to organize it all.

I prefer vintage pieces over new, but after years of an unsuccessful hunt for that perfect storage piece to house all these items, I gave up and bought plastic stackable drawers.  They're not pretty, but they're practical.


To make them a little more aesthetically pleasing, I trimmed the faces of each drawer with decorative papers. I selected patterns that were vintage-inspired and in my favorite colors. 


The drawers are filled already, but it's easy to add another set or two and expand as needed.

I group similar items together.  One row of bins is filled with materials for corsage making. Another is all crepe paper and other flower making supplies.


I have an insane number of craft punches.  I love them.  It's my favorite crafting gadget and they occupy a lot of real-estate in this storage system.





To help me remember what shapes I have, I created these reference sheets.  I do my best to keep my punches in order in the drawers, but using these sheets makes things easier.  It also prevents me from buying duplicates, which I've done on more than one occasion.


I try to be tidy, but in the middle of a mad crafting session, it's really hard to stay that way. Having adequate, easily accessible storage does help.

It's not the ideal solution, but for now,  everything has a place.

One day I'll find that perfect vintage cabinet filled with oodles of tiny drawers to help contain the craft tools and clutter.  Until then, this will just have to do.

I'm always curious to see how others keep their space organized.  If you've got any lovely ideas for keeping your crafts in order, do share! Or if you've stumbled across some inspiring spaces, I would love to see them too!

Hello Halloween

I am so excited that October is JUST around the corner and soon I'll be able to decorate my home with miniature gourds, black cats and glittery spiders.  I do love my holidays, and Halloween is right up there near the top of my favorites list.

I've already started my Halloween crafting - with the Fiskars projects, we work months ahead.

 Here's a peek at a few pieces that will be posted on their website soon.



And the instructions for these little Halloween headbands are already available HERE.



Thanks to my little friend, Opal, who was kind enough to model for me.