Art in the Woods

art in the woods
A long time ago, I can't even remember exactly what year it was, I collaborated with my friend Eileen Ward on this outdoor installation.

We both made a car-load of furry blue balls of various sizes, and with our husbands' help, decorated a cluster of trees. It was in the woods near Duvall, Washington, and part of a big outdoor art and music festival.

I have this fantasy that all of the balls have stayed perfectly in place and are now covered in inch-thick moss. Maybe a few bits of blue fur got picked off by birds, then worked into their nests in the surrounding trees.

I would love to return to this spot and see what remains.


ponyboypress said...

Wow,that looks really amazing!

One Love Photo said...

you know I love this, you two are such a perfect pair.

Simone said...

As a hiker, if I were in the woods and ran into several large moss covered balls, there would be many many questions and much whiplash.