Studio Tour

Recently, I did a long overdue craft room overhaul. The supplies had really accumulated over the past year and it was getting really difficult to find enough space to work in there. After I was done, I took a few pictures of the tidy space. My goal is to keep it organized. We'll see how long that lasts...

craftroom/ kittenland



craftroom/ kittenland



craftroom/ kittenland



tamari* said...

i love your room! it's so pretty!

Jennifer said...

LOVE IT!!! I am so jealous. I love your paperweight collection and the blue table/desk. FABULOUS!!!!!

laurie -magpie ethel said...

Love seeing a peek into a studio - I could look at all the little details all day. I love that cow/farm scene on the wall! Fun, fun room..hope it stays tidy (I just cleaned my studio as well and am not holding out much home for it staying tidy for a week!)

sarah nadine said...

love your eclectic originality! shows up with what you create and where you create it!!

Anonymous said...

Please please please tell me what paint you used for the room! I've been trying to find the perfect pink and I think you have it!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the kind words, everyone!

The color is "foam flower" by Martha Stewart for Sherwin Williams. I don't think they carry her line anymore, but they may still be able to mix something close.

Müğe said...

Erm.. did you make those paper weight storing flowers? if so do you have a tutorial or an easy answer on how to make those lovely creations?