New Blooms

Paper Flowers

One of my favorite resources for paper just brought in some amazing new colors of crepe. I ordered a few rolls, and I've been having a blast playing with this new palette. There are lots of shades of pink, ranging from pale cotton candies to watermelon. Also, there's butter yellow, icy green, cream, ivory and white tones. There's even an amazing rusty brown.

The new colors have inspired me to try some new flower shapes and styles of blooms. Here's a little peek...


If you would like to see them up close, stop by the Tacoma is for Lovers craft fair this Sunday.


WhenSheWasGood said...

SO beautiful! Your work is so very lovely. Wish I could stop by the show in Tacoma. Any plans to be in Portland, again?

Laurie Cinotto said...

Thanks so much. No plans for anything in Portland right now,, but if anything comes up, I'll let you know.