Craft Sale Flash Back

I wanted to share a few images from this summer's Tacoma is for Lovers artist craft sale.

My booth was packed with new merchandise - pins, bird cages, garlands, and kitty cards, of course.

I plan to do the same for this month's show. I've been working around the clock so expect to see lots and LOTS of new things. Please see the previous post for a sampling of the new products and details on the sale.

I can't even begin to tell you how much fun it is preparing for these shows. I LOVE making things. And it's so fun doing the sales too. It's always a treat to spend time with crafters and appreciators of hand made things!

TIFL Artist Craft Sale

TIFL Artist Craft Sale

TIFL Artist Craft Sale

TIFL Artist Craft Sale


LindaSonia said...

Would you consider selling those bird cages on etsy? I'd love to have one and I don't live anywhere near Tacoma (unfortunately). LindaSonia


Hi There, I love your paper crafts, do you think you'd ever have a step by step diy post?

Laurie Cinotto said...

Linda, I'm not sure I'll list them on Etsy, or not. If you're interested shoot me an email and we can work something out.

A.F.C. - If you look on the right hand side of the blog, there are links to a couple of places where you can see some of my DIY posts. I have lots on Once Wed and The Brides Cafe. Also, I do one once a month on the Hambly Screenprints blog.

Julia Lundman said...

Hi Laurie,

I am a huge fan of your work! Your color palettes are incredibly inspiring to me as well as the flowers and other creations.

I was wondering where you got the fabric for your table, the faux bois (sp?) patterned fabric. I am looking for something similar and can't find it anywhere.

thank you so much! i hope you populate your etsy shop sometime again soon! :)