Crafty Gadgets

Paper flower garland.

During my christmas crafting season, I treated myself to a couple of new craft gadgets - a pair of fringe scissors and a scoring board. Both are from the Martha Stewart craft line.

Now that quiet January has rolled around, I've finally had a chance to break them out of the box and do a little experimenting.

The first project I created with the gadgets was this paper flower garland. I made it for my monthly contributions to Hambly Studios, and I used their paper exclusively.

Paper flower garland.

Paper flower garland.

I used the scoring board to create the leaves, and the fringe scissors to create the blooms.

Paper flower garland.

I'm looking forward to spending a some more time with these new tools and exploring all the possibilities!


andrea said...

i think i may just have to get the scissors :)
the garland is so pretty-love the papers!

Lisa of Lisa's Little House said...

I have the scissors...but haven't used them to their obvious potential...Love the fringe flowers! Thanks for the inspiration.

The Adventures of Scarlett and Melly said...

The fringe flowers are so pretty! I've never seen scissors like that before - so cool.

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Cool, I never try to make something like this for christmas because I never had time, but this year I guess I could try something new.