Flowers Galore!

Yesterday was ALL about the paper flowers. My inventory had dwindled down to a few stems, so I spent the whole day crafting some new blooms. I made dozens, and I hope it's enough to make my table stand out at the craft sales this weekend. Here's a peek at what I made.





I hope I'll be seeing you this weekend! I'm at Second Saturdayz Market in Seattle on Saturday and the Tacoma is for Lovers Artist Craft Fair at Kings Books in Tacoma on Sunday. For more info, visit THIS post. And to see more of what I'll be selling, just keep scrolling down through the previous posts.

Time to get back to work. There's more to make, and the day is slipping by.




thecrimsonpoppy said...

love them; very pretty!

good luck at your craft show. :)

Catherine said...

These paper flowers are so cute ~ I can almost smell them! ;)

Good luck at your craft show Laurie!

laurie -magpie ethel said...

Great to meet you today and chat a bit! My flower looks lovely in my vintage cream bunny vase.

Laurie Cinotto said...

Thanks Crimson Poppy and Catherine!

Laurie, I'm SO glad you came by!!! I love your work, and it was very nice meeting you!


Chila said...

They're fantastic! i love theses flowers so much!

cathyswraps said...

The colors are stunning, just beautiful. Sorry I missed your sale last weekend, I'll stop by Saturdayz Market next month. Thanks for the information.

Unknown said...

These are so Beautiful!!