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Nearly two years ago I was contacted by Sterling Publishing (a division of Barnes and Noble) about working with them on a paper flower book and kit. Finally, after a lot of work, and a lot of waiting, it will be hitting shelves of Barnes and Noble on March 25th!

Inside the kit you'll find the book, with lots of colorful photos and instructions to make nine different flowers and several foliages. Also, 36 sheets of crepe paper, floral wire, floral tape, and stamens. The crepe paper in the kit is a really lovely quality, and the colors are great.

I'll be pre-selling signed copies from my blog. I'm working on setting it up now, and will have a "buy now" button shortly. They'll be shipped on March 25th, when the book is officially released.

Yesterday, for the very first time, I got so see an actual copy of the book/kit. I can't even begin to tell what a thrill it was. Sterling did a great job putting the whole package together. It's super cute, and I'm very pleased.

Here's a sneak peek at the final product.

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LindaSonia said...

Wowee- how awesome for you - congrats. I know I'll be getting a copy!!

Unknown said...

Congratulations! How exciting that must be, It looks wonderful :)

Miki said...

Congrats! Hope you seel lots of copies of it! ;D


The Adventures of Scarlett and Melly said...

Congratulations! How exciting!

Chroma Lab said...

It looks great! I'll be pre-ordering my copy as soon as you get a link up.

amytangerine said...

Huge congrats! This is amazing.

Anonymous said...

Sooo exciting.

HUGE Congratulations Laurie!


lulu said...

Lauri, congratulations. It is beautiful. Let us know if you can or would like to come to 2sat to do a demo and a book signing/sale? Charlene must be very proud.

Anonymous said...

Laurie, this is sooooo exciting. Celebrate! You deserve it!

Tabitha W said...

This is so amazing!!! Will it ship to Canada as well?

TrinityCreed said...

Coming from your Kitty Blog, I'm so happy for you! Such an accomplishment! The previews look amazing! Good job!

Lynda said...

Laurie, the few pics I see are gorgeous, which isn't surprising, given your photographic talents. I just ordered my copy and can hardly *wait* for it to arrive!!

It's going to live on the living room bookshelves, not in my craft room, because I know I'm going to want to show it to my crafty friends, who'll then want their own copies. :)

I couldn't be happier for your well-deserved success, and hope this is just the first of many books.