See You Saturday!


I've been working hard, trying to build up my Easter inventory for the 2nd Saturdayz Market tomorrow. I've got lots of paper eggs, tiny baskets adorned with bunnies and birds, sweet spring corsages, and paper flowers in lovely pastel hues that I'll be bringing to the sale.

In addition to my Easter crafts, I'll have plenty of non-seasonal stuff, some wedding work, and lots of copies of Making Paper Flowers available.

If you're in the neighborhood, please stop by. It's always a fun sale filled with lots of amazing vintage treasures, and vintage-inspired crafts.

Here's a peek at some of the items I'll be bringing along...

DSC_0063 19

DSC_0057 20

DSC_0021 47

I hope to see you there! For more details, please visit the 2nd Saturdayz BLOG.


Kathi said...

Those are lovely!

I'm delighted to know that you're a paper crafter.

I've been following your Itty Bitty Kitty Committee blog (albeit loosely) for ages, which I found through Robin Beam's blog.

I would so love to adopt your current pair of white kittens... Alas, I'm on the east coast and already have a pair of kitties of my own.

Anyways, you're a seriously talented paper crafter, photographer, and a kitten rescuer!

Great flower lady said...

LOVE the corsages and bouts sooo cute..

Leyla Navab said...

I'm in love with teh corsages *googly eyes*


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