Holidays Ahead!

I worked as a florist for many years prior to pursuing my full-time crafting career.  During the holiday season most people requested either red and green, red and white, or white and green flower arrangements.  The limited color palette grew tiring just days into the season,  so I  tried stretching the definition of what "holiday" meant.  It helped with the monotony of the season.

Since those floral days,  I've enjoyed exploring color.

This holiday season, I'm using lots of gold with accents in black, white, chartreuse, and even a little hot pink.   I'm combining lots of metallics with natural elements.  I wanted to make pieces that would work in December, and into the New Year, too.


My favorite color to use at at Christmas is aqua blue - I  love  a 1950-60's  inspired holiday palette and have lots of it on my tree and in my home. I've found some great ribbons and bits to use,  and they'll be showing up in some pieces to come.  

Do you have any favorite holiday colors?  I would love to hear your thoughts on the subject.

It does seem early to be talking about Christmas, but Christmas Craft Sale season has already started!  I've got several shows on the calendar including Glitter Haus, a very special holiday trunk show I'm organizing with my friends Sarah and Lori.

More on that to come!!    And lots more crafts, too!  I've got lots of wreaths, ornaments and package toppers in the works!

I'm excited to be making them and sharing them with you soon!


Rae - Say It Aint So said...

i love bright red and aqua for christmas.

Laurie Cinotto said...

That's a great combo, Rae.