Thanks for an Awesome Weekend, Tacoma!


 This was a full weekend!  I started off Saturday sitting on a panel moderated by Katy Evans (of Post Defiance) along with artist Chandler O'Leary and writer (and Metro Parks Commissioner) Erik Hanberg.  

The panel was part of the Tacoma Art Symposium and we discussed how artists can use social media tools to promote their work.  It was an interesting discussion and the audience had lots of great questions.

As soon as the panel wrapped up, I dashed over to Kings Books for day one of the Artist Craft Fair. It was an awesome day.   Traffic was steady, and I think it was a successful day for all of the participants.   Thank you Tacoma for being so supportive of your local artists!  


Day two wasn't quite as bustling as day one, but still a very good day.

There were lots of new folks at the sale this year,  like Libertine Tacoma, and Matthew Porter.  We saw many of our regulars too.   I love seeing all that's being made in and around Tacoma.   It's always inspiring.  I  enjoy the opportunity to talk with other artists and crafters at sales like this. When you work from home, you can feel a little cut-off from the world.   It's nice to spend a couple of days connecting with people and finding out about what everyone is up to.

I brought  lots of inventory along for the sale including ornaments,  pins, birdcages and wreaths.  This was my first craft sale with the wreaths and I always feel a tad nervous when I introduce new things. Thankfully, they were well received and I spent Saturday night making several new ones to replace the ones that sold that day.


There's lots more making ahead, holiday craft sale season is just getting started!



Next up is Glitter Haus this Friday!    I hope to see you there!! Please don't forget to RSVP.


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wmv editor said...

Well, I like the your art and portrait. Best things is that you have brought plenty of inventory along for the sale including ornaments, pins, birdcages and wreaths.