A Class Recap and More to Come!


Oh what fun we had! I hosted a couple of really great groups over the past couple of weekends for my paper flower workshops. Everyone picked it up quickly, did a remarkable job crafting their flowers, and all left with a beautiful bouquet in hand. The flowers pictured above were created by two of the students, Holly and Matt. In just a couple of hours they learned to make those beauties!

After all this fun,  I'm feeling inspired, and I'm going to do it again. I'm still working out the dates, but we'll get something on the books for March and April. If you might be interested in taking a class in the future, feel free to email me, and once the dates are squared away, I'll send you the details.

Also, if anyone would be interested a putting a group together for a private class,  I'm more than happy to arrange that with you. The minimum number of participants is six, and I can accommodate up to 12. To set up a class, please send me an email, and we can hatch a plan!

Below are a few pictures from the classes and the students at work.  I really was impressed at how quickly they mastered it. Everyone seemed to enjoy the process, and were proud with the end results. Thanks to all who were a part of it!






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